One hump or two? Camel milk coffee to be served in Glasgow coffee shop!

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The Willow Team Rooms in Glasgow have begun offering camel milk coffee (or “camelccinos”) this week. How many of you brave souls would try it out?

Camel milk is popular across Africa and the Middle East, particularly amongst nomadic cultures and apparently it’s the closest milk to human milk you can get. I mean, that’s not an instant “let’s put this stuff in our coffee” argument, but the fact that it has 3 times higher vitamin C, and 10 times higher iron means it is a healthy option too.

For anyone who partakes in the beverage, the company will donate 10% of profits to a scheme aimed to support camel milk traders. They will sell camel milk coffee throughout June and feedback from customers has been good so far!

If you want to try camel milk in your home brew, you can buy some from various sources online. Check out the latest prices here and let us know what you think!

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