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Well, hello there! Join coffee lovers from around the world in uniting against bitter cups of coffee ruining our day! Let’s get silly about coffee…

Different Types of Coffee

Chalk Cappuccino Cup

From the perfect bean to the perfect cuppa!

Coffee Grinder

Maybe you’re a coffee aficionado looking to find out about the latest developments in the coffee world, or you’re just sick of instant coffee and want to take the leap of brewing your own coffee at home? is the place for you! We can help you understand the basics of coffee beans and the brewing process and we can even help you pick out the best coffee machines and equipment on the market just now.

Whatever brought you here, we hope you enjoy our coffee-flavoured content. Remember to drop by the comments sections and leave us your feedback too!

The latest coffee-flavoured goodness <3

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The Best Coffee Machines Compared

We’ve looked at different types of coffee machines and compared the best models

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